What we do

Our aim is always to focus on your real needs, to be able to develop the strategy to follow your dreams.

Brand Communication

The first thing which comes to mind thinking about a brand is the Logo! The logo is followed by corporate fonts, business cards, and all other branding materials which form a corporate identity. All those together are the architecture of a brands image & its consistency.

Social Media Communication & Design

Brands interact with their customers (B2B/B2C) mostly through social media nowadays – so the best way to differentiate yourself as a brand is through your social media communication. The most effective channel to communicate directly your corporate identity is social media. Your brand positioning is essential here!

Website Design

Your website is the digital showcase of your brand. Your website is an effective way of differentiating yourself. In today’s world it is a must to have a good website which is also compatible with all platforms & devices.

Presentation Design

If you can’t present what you have to say in an effective way, it won’t be remembered. For a mind-blowing presentation you need to keep in mind that less is more, time needs to be used very well & the visuals need to be attracting the attention & supporting the message. At Pebble we prepare your presentations with exactly that impact!

Marketplace Management

The importance of e-commerce is still rising day-by-day… Every brand has their own product portfolio, the market is in need, but there are many platforms to be positioned at. The question is how & where should a brand be positioned with its products? We support you at Pebble with the right strategy & implementation.

Promotional Design

Promotions are important to establish an emotional connection with your customers. To stay in the mind of your customers or be part of their daily life you need to have effective promotional materials. Pebble offers you a great variety of different promotional materials reflecting the image of your brand & products…

Our team has experience of over 15 years in this field.

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Our Road Map

Our prior steps to answer your needs are as following

Work Analysis

We outline the scope for your digital & brand related needs.

Benefits & Value Analysis

We offer your brand effective & innovative communication solutions to support you in reaching your target profile.


After the comprehensive analysis we will offer you the best possible solutions according to your needs & for your brand.

Needs Analysis

Together with the detailed brief form you will submit to us we analyze your targets & your brands real needs considering the market & your competition.

Brief Analysis

To understand your needs to-the-point we have prepared a 15 question form, by filling out those questions you will be delivering us your detailed brief.


At Pebble, we will continue to support you once your brand communication plan is live & ongoing depending on your needs.


We offer solutions to your corporate & personal marketing projects, digital & social media platforms, presentations & any further support you might need in brand communications & design.

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To get in touch with us you can send an email to hello@pebble.ist or fill out the below contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.